We developed a “meal-in-a-bag” feeding solution. This is a rice based dry food mix with all ingredients including spices. These are packaged in 1kg bags.

Our satellites are regularly supplied with the “meal-in-a-bag” feeding solution. These are distributed within their communities, and on specific days of the month our satellites cook and distribute these meals to their communities.

Our future plans include introducing new variations of the “meal-in-a-bag” feeding solution.

On the last Sunday of each month we distribute hot meals. On a rotational basis we visit our satellite centers, orphanages, informal settlements, old age homes, centers for abused women and children and night shelters. CAHF members and volunteers cook pots of food at the selected sites. We also use this opportunity to connect with the communities we visit. 

Our secret ingredients are love, a compassionate ear and lots of smiles. Join us to share in the experience.

This is a new project we will be rolling out as soon as we can secure sponsors. We have already negotiated with suppliers and have the logistics sorted out.

Our aim is to supply bread and spread to our satellite centers on a weekly basis.

Our overall aim is to supply this on a regular basis so that there is always bread and spread available.