Food Programme
Our food programme has successfully implemented targeted feeding in several areas

IHATA Shelter for Abused Women and Children
TheIhata Shelteris on the Cape Flats of Cape Town.It mainly serves the local disadvantaged female community, where women are often poor, uneducated and sometimes illiterate.Since inception in February 2006, the Shelter successfully assisted, clothed, counselled, empowered and sheltered over 511 residents.

Adhoc Inspiration
A 100litre pot of food has been distributed to the homeless in the Lansdowne, Belgravia area, feeding approximately 200 people in the month of September.

Dry Food in Bag
This idea is premised and motivated and directed to satisfy the need for the following type of recipient. (a) has cooking facility but have no food. (b) in case of emergencies in communities, where dry food can be distributed to meet the immediate need of the community in distress.

Projects in Process:
1. Accessing and conducting a Needs Assessment of other shelters in the Cape Town area to establish their needs in terms assistance on their feeding programs. 2. Establishing a Clothes bank from where needy recipients can access clothing, especially so for children. 3. Exploring the putting together of other types of dry mixes (Dhal curry, Soup mixes for Winter Just add water etc)