To develop sustainable programs that serves to empower poor and needy communities.

We stand for the unconditional right for communities to have access to sustainable solutions for their basic human rights.

We connect with communities to help adopt and develop sustainable solutions that alleviate poverty and serve as a means of empowerment.


Sayyid Tawfik Jacobs (Al-Aydarus)


Shafiek Dinie


Toufiq Abrahams

Treasurer & Head of Strategy

Nabeela Jacobs


Aadela Mulhem

Head of Operations

Ashraf Adams

Head of Marketing 

Gamdi Arendse


Rameez Cassiem


Moehseenudin Parker


Wajeed Parker

Razzaq Moosajee

Head of Education

Yakeen Sadiq

Head of Digital

Our President’s Message 

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful All Praise and Thanks belongs to Allah, the All-Mighty, the Lord of the worlds (known and unknown to us) and we convey salutations to our Master, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family.

Our Motto: Believe in the All-Mighty Allah…. To Inspire and to be Inspired… To Serve Allah’s Creation with Unconditional Love and Humility.

Connect a Heart Foundation (CAHF) started with a thought early in the year 2017.After much appealing to Allah (SWT) for guidance, and contemplation and discussions with family and our Prayer group, I was guided to go ahead with the Intention and Aim to assist the Poor and Needy.

With the dedication of our Prayer group, friends and the support of our families, we are committed to Serve Allah’s Creation with His Guidance. We dedicate this organisation in honour of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his family, our Parents, our Spiritual Guides, and the ones who have intention but not necessary the means to start such an organisation. May Allah (SWT) accept our humble efforts to Serve Him and Serve His Creation.

And in doing so draw us closer to Him, if Allah so Wills.

Sayyid Tawfik Jacobs (Al-Aydarus)