All praise and  Thanks belongs to Allah, the All-Mighty, the Lord of the worlds (known to us  and unknown to us) and 
we send salutations to our Master prophet Muhammad (peace  be upon him) and his family. Connect a Heart Foundation 
started with a thought  early in the year 2017. After much consultation with Allah the All-Mighty and  with much 
contemplation and discussions with family and our Thikr group, I felt  that people (Allah’s Creation) require 
assistance in all forms. I decided to go  ahead with the venture to assist the Poor and Needy.

Our Motto is to  Believe in the All-Mighty Allah. To Inspire and to be Inspired. To Serve  Allah’s Creation with 
Humility unconditionally.

Coming from a  family who have a legacy of assisting people who are Spiritually challenged,we  saw an opportunity to 
get involved to assist.

With the  dedication of our Thikr group, friends and the support of my family, we are  committed to Serve Allah’s 
Creation with HIS (Allah) guidance.

We also dedicate  this organisation in honour of our Beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and  blessings upon him) and his
 family, our Parents, our Spiritual Guides, and the  ones who have intention but not necessary the means to start 
such an  organisation.

May Allah SWA  accept our humble efforts to Serve HIM and Serve HIS Creation. 
And in doing so  draw us closer to HIM insha Allah.




Sayyid Mogamat Tawfik Jacobs





What we do and how we go about it.

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Why and when we focus on Children.

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Helping our communities do better..

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